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The 40th Annual National Suicide Prevention Week starts on September 8th, and goes until September 13th. It is that week because it surrounds World Suicide Prevention Day, which is the 10th. 
There are a few different color ribbons for suicide prevention. The most common one that I’ve seen is yellow, used by yellowribbon.org, which is what I wore the last two years and will be wearing again this year. There is also a purple and turquoise ribbon, which is used by suicidology.org and and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The organization To Write Love On Her Arms uses orange.
This year’s theme is Suicide Prevention: One World Connected to reflect on the fact that connections are important on several levels if we are to combat suicide.The organization To Write Love On Her Arms has its own theme: No One Else Can Play Your Part. 
For more information about NSPW, WSPD, and how you can get involved, you can visit:
To Write Love On Her Arms – They have a lot of wonderful resources, including a World Suicide Prevention Day Pack that you can purchase and a printable PDF for you to write why no one else can play your part with the hashtag #NoOneElse14 or #WSPD14.
The American Association of Suicidology – They have more information about NSPW itself.
The International Association for Suicide Prevention – They have many resources for WSPD.
Facebook: WSPD, NSPW (unofficial), TWLOHA
Twitter: TWLOHA
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First Day of NSPW!

People need other people. #wspd #wspd12